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Bounce back or crash!

I’ve decided to take part of the challenge «Bounce back or crass» set by the NLP «Paul Pyronnet Institut»…
I share with you the principle of this Neuro Linguistic Programming challenge because I found it interesting 🙂


Intuition, instruction for use!

Maybe you have already heard that the best guide for you is your intuition… a clear voice that tells you what to do at the right moment… Some talk about guides, angels…
But hey, how can you know if it’s your intuition talking to you or if it’s just some blabla you are inventing yourself?
The answer in images!


Find your center

The center is the point that does not move while everything around is turning… That’s the reason why everyone recommand you to find your center in great period of change… But by the way…...


The delicious taste of difference

Have you been told about tolerence when you were young?
“Yes, and who cares? Have you seen the state of the world recently??”

Great news for you! Now in some schools, you can learn far better than tolerating! You can learn the fantastic taste of other’s differences when you travel to meet them… 😉


Philosophical Autumn

Yes, I feel like colors and light these times 😉 …An opportunity to share with you a memory of Fall… And a quote from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Great clarity to you, with you shadows,...