Find your center

The center is the point that does not move while everything around is turning… That’s the reason why everyone recommand you to find your center in great period of change… But by the way… How do you do that?? What if it was even simpler than you think? 😉


Okay, I confess I still don’t manage to apply it all the time ^^’
But some days ago…




 “lightness is what allow you to bounce on things”

(Philippe STARK)

  So here’s my first comic drawn on a cellphone… lol! So the blog is a little idling but I’m preparing you surprises for tomorrow ! 😉 Reminder : Relax… 😉

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  1. Ruby Rowat says:

    bravo Artmella, c’est efficace et essentiel ton boulot.
    Si jamais t’as besoin d’aide pour traduire en anglais, je travaille en Mental Health (tant qu’Ergothérapeute) et je veux bien contribuer. bises a toi, et Olivier. x Ruby de TaKeTiNa

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