avril 20, 2015

Bounce back or crash!

I’ve decided to take part of the challenge «Bounce back or crash» set by the PNL institut «Paul Pyronnet»… Thanks to Mélanie from the blog jeveuxvivre.com which I love since I discovered it recently, who gave me the desire to participate… The timing is right as you can see… 35_rebondir_07_EN_02 I share this concept with you because I found it interesting! 🙂 35_rebondir_07_EN_04 35_rebondir_07_EN_05 35_rebondir_07_EN_06 Here’s an example of what it might look like: 35_rebondir_07_EN_08 I find this tool very usefull, because it helps creating healthy habits, and as you might know:

«will is nothing, habits are all»… 😉

You can find the challenge of the video here!


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