Intuition, instruction for use!

Maybe you have already heard that the best guide for you is your intuition… a clear voice that tells you what to do at the right moment… Some talk about guides, angels… But hey, how can you know if it’s your intuition talking to you or if it’s just some blabla you are inventing yourself? The answer in images! idees_pensees_04_EN_02 idees_pensees_04_EN_03 idees_pensees_04_EN_04 idees_pensees_04_EN_05 idees_pensees_04_EN_06 idees_pensees_04_EN_07 idees_pensees_04_EN_08 idees_pensees_04_EN_09 Many thanks toLulumineuse for her lights and this super game I’m using now for two days! (Special dedication to William with whom I remember having had the same beginning of conversation about intuition and guides a few months ago… At that time I didn’t know what to answer! 😉 )

Click the box to try ! 😀

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