octobre 30, 2014

How to see life with the eyes of a child again?

Emerveillement_04_EN_03Some days, everyday life can seem so colorless, grey, tasteless… so known… How to regain this feeling of wonder you had when you were kid, within a few seconds ? With a little game 😉 Join the guide tour ! Avec un petit jeu trĂšs simple ! 😉     Emerveillement_04_EN_06 Emerveillement_04_EN_07 Emerveillement_04_EN_08   Emerveillement_04_EN_11 Emerveillement_04_EN_11As I once red an article about the beneficial effects of hallucinogenic plants on depressive states, I think this does more or less the same effect: It shakes the “by default” connexions of the brain… and frees it! Yes! And all that without the use of mushrooms! 😉  

A funny variant:

Gives names that doesn’t exist to what you eat! Emerveillement_04_EN_16 The tiniest details suddenly come to your eyes, as if by magic… everything shows up in what makes it unique and fascinating! Have fun! And if you try this, please, leave a comment to tell me if it worked for you, and what happened! 🙂

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*An exercice from the excellent Keith Johnsthone’s book “Impro, improvisation and the theater”
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