The delicious taste of difference

Have you been told about tolerence when you were young? [su_spacer size=”10″]”Yes, and who cares? Have you seen the state of the world recently??” [su_spacer size=”10″]Great news for you! Now in some schools, you can learn far better than tolerating! You can learn the fantastic taste of other’s differences when you travel to meet them… 😉 [su_spacer size=”10″]Discover the project “Par le monde” in this video, whose begining credits I had the pleasure to create last month! [su_spacer size=”10″]parlemonde [su_spacer size=”10″] A short video to have a taste of it: [su_spacer size=”10″][su_vimeo url=”″] [su_spacer size=”10″]A longer video to know all about the project! [su_spacer size=”10″][su_vimeo url=”″] Lots of  joyfull and tasty energy! [su_spacer size=”10″]Thank you Marylène, Laurent and Pelico !! [su_spacer size=”10″] Click here to know more about this beautiful adventure!

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