Thanks to Lilou Mace webTV

I have a great news!

I took some time to make little technical adjustments, and voilà ! I am finally ready to announce you this ! lilou_0_02 Donc les chroniques de “Conscience quantique” on Lilou Mace webTv, it’s here (in French) ! 🙂
And on top of that, I’ve promessed to release 2 comics per mounth ! Now that I’ve said it, I’m gonna do it !!
cf. the 3rd principle to wake-up from Christine Lewicki : “My words create my reality”
By the way, if you haven’t seen yep, I invite you to watch this highly vitaminazied video with the authour of “Wake Up!“: 4 simple and powerful principles to live your life with your full potentiel !

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