août 5, 2015

“Philosophical sweets” comics released in October 2015!! :D

Great news to report to you!!!
Maybe you’ll have noticed I was publishing a little less comics these days… that’s because I’m preparing to you my first paper comic strip! It will be released next October!! Youhouuuuu !!! :D[su_spacer size= »10″]


Many many thanks to you to have made this possible! [su_spacer size= »10″]

That’s right, it’s really thanks to your sharings that I met my publishing house! [su_spacer size= »10″]

The subtitle of the album will be “Friandises philosophiques” (Philosophical sweeties) and will be proudly released by “Pour-penser” publishing house, the only one to make philosophical and personnal development books for children!
It wil be their first comic book! (half best comics from the blog, and half totaly new ones !)[su_spacer size= »10″]

I’m pausing everything to prepare you his with all my love (and humour 😉 )[su_spacer size= »10″]

Thanks again!!! See you in October for the comic book release!! <3<3<3


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    1. Bonjour Eloise ! Merci pour ton intérêt ! Le livre a été traduit. Il attend d’être mis en page, et sera disponible dans quelques temps. (Merci pour le message ! Cela me motive à le faire !!)
      Tu peux t’abonner à la newsletter pour être tenue au courrant quand cela sera disponible .
      Belle journée !

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