juin 2, 2015

Back from the E.Days

It was awsome!! 😀 To be surrounded only by benevolent poeple… mhh ! I fell boosted by positive energy and inspiration ! [su_spacer size= »10″] About graphic facilitation, it was surprising to improvise in live without knowing in advance what the persons would say at the conference! ^^ It was a lot of fun and I had a lot of enthousiastic feed-back that warmed my heart ^^ edays_04   Here is what my drawings could look like at the end of the conference: Marc_00 And here are some extracts… Sorry I don’t have the time to translate it for now:

Discussion between Marc de la Menardière, co-director of the film « Enquête de sens »  and Armelle SIX :

Marc_02Marc_03  Marc_04 Marc_06

About new Economies and change (conference of Stéphane Riot) :

entreprendre_02 entreprendre_06 entreprendre_03entreprendre_03bentreprendre_07 entreprendre_08 entreprendre_09

During a few words from Jean Charles, business owner of « Good’Epices » :


During the conference of Seymour Brussel, author of the book « L’attention guérit : le pouvoir thérapeutique de l’instant présent » :

Lattention_01 Lattention_03 Lattention_04

During the presentation of Lulumineuse :

Lulu_01Lulu_04     A great THANK YOU to Lydie Letouzé Marchand for this great experience!


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